A Guide to Women Owned Businesses in Simcoe Muskoka

Algonquin West

Source Algonquin West

Anchors Away Photography

Source Anchors Away Photography

The Artisan Boutique

Source The Artisan Boutique

The Bank Cafe

Source The Bank Cafe

Bloom Beauty

Source Bloom Beauty

Blueberry Moon

Source Blueberry Moon

Coco’s Cookies

Source Coco’s Cookies

Cookie Loop

Source Cookie Loop

Cookies By O

Source Cookie By O


Source cupCake

Dockside Charcuterie

Source Dockside Charcuterie

DWN Chocolate

Source DWN Chocolate

Eat The Cake

Source Eat The Cake

Eclectic Cafe

Source Eclectic Cafe

Emmett and Clyde

Source Emmett and Clyde

Forgather Floral

Source Forgather Floral

Georgian Bay Goods Co.

Source Georgian Bay Goods Co.

Girl Talk

Source Girl Talk

Handmade in Muskoka

Source Handmade In Muskoka

Homespun Huntsville

Source Homespun Huntsville


Source J’adore

Jess Paper Co

Source Jess Paper Co

Knot That Macrame

Source Knot That Macrame

Knots of Love

Source Knots of Love


Source L&B MAMA

Lil Eats n’ Treats

Source Lil Eats n’ Treats

Lint Fibre Art

Source Lint Fibre Art

Love Pottery

Source Love Pottery

The Lovely Teahouse

Source Lovely Teahouse

Lovers Antidote

Source Lovers Antidote

The Little Things Luxury Picnics

Source The Little Things Luxury Picnics

Lyla Facial and Beauty

Source Lyla Facial and Beauty

Midland Food Tours

Source Midland Food Tours

Minicrete Jewelry

Source Minicrete Jewelry

Moonwalk Entertainment

Source Moonwalk Entertainment

Muskoka Bath and Body

Source Muskoka Bath and Body

Muskoka Charcuterie

Source Muskoka Charcuterie

Muskoka Pantry

Source Muskoka Pantry

Nineteen Marketing

Source Nineteen Marketing

Northern Mixtures

Source Northern Mixtures

Oh Beehive

Source Oh Beehive

Our House Barrie

Source Our House Barrie

Pie Media Group

Source Pie Media Group

Pine Eco and Refillery

Source Pine Eco and Refillery

PrettyP Candle Co

Source PrettyP Candle Co

Red Tulip

Source Red Tulip

Ripe Juicery

Source Ripe Juicery

Sweet Time Bake Shoppe

Source Sweet Time Bake Shoppe

TLC Hand Knits

Source TLC Hand Knits

Two Sisters Naturals

Source Two Sisters Naturals

Wall Indulge

Source Wall Indulge

Wild Lotus

Source Wild Lotus
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