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LFI Design

LFI Deisgn

31 King Street, Unit 1

Barrie, ON, L4N 6B5

LFI Design is an interior design and home furnishing company based in Barrie that specializes in creating fabulous spaces you and your family will love. They can help you decide on your design based on home furnishings, and flooring that will match you and your lifestyle.

Business & Professional Services, Shopping & Specialty Retail
Barrie - Allandale, Barrie - Ardagh, Barrie - City Centre, Barrie - East, Barrie - Holly, Barrie - Innishore, Barrie - Lakeshore, Barrie - North, Barrie - Painswick, Barrie - South, Barrie - Sunnidale, Barrie - West
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