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The Town of Collingwood is a four-season destination and is known for its recreational activities, but did you know that it’s the number one entrepreneurship community in Canada. Downtown Collingwood on Hurontario Street is filled with history, amazing local shops and dining, and art for all to enjoy

If you have never visited Collingwood or perhaps you have, but have not gotten the full experience, the Discover Collingwood App is a great place to start. The town has so much to offer in business and development, opportunities are endless, and you will see why as you explore the downtown and adjacent areas.

The Discover Collingwood app was created as a wayfinding opportunity for the downtown area and beyond. This app being the first of its kind for a municipality has a unique piece that pairs technology with main street and physical infrastructure to bring everything together in an augmented reality experience.

There are discovery panels scattered throughout downtown and inside parks, which act as the starting point for the different tours, and there are QR codes for people to scan as they stroll through the streets. These codes can be found on pedestrian wayfinding signage and polls, and when you scan it, you will see that it provides you with information about that specific point of interest. The app has over 10 different tours to choose from, taking you to all the major points of interest.

The point of the program is to help people linger in their downtown by encouraging them to take a stroll and shop or dine. The Collingwood downtown heritage walk starts and ends at the Town Hall at 97 Hurontario street. Beginning at the Discovery panel you will learn that in 2002, the Collingwood Conservation District was created to protect and recognize the important histories that are reflected in Collingwood’s historic buildings. Each of the buildings along this street and addressed in the tour are protected through this heritage designation. You can start the tour on the app and listen to the audio accompanying the photos, which will come to life as you are guided through directions to the following buildings.

The Harbour Hike is a beautiful stroll along the waterfront, boardwalk, the arboretum, and the Labyrinth. Once again as you walk along the tour you’re provided with directions to each point of interest and given some background information about that specific stop in the tour. The Shipyards Amphitheatre was inspired by the Ancient Greeks who built their amphitheaters near the water and Collingwood has done the same. Here they host concerts, plays, or you can attend a waterside yoga class. A beautiful view of the Collingwood terminals, ski runs at Blue Mountain and town can be enjoyed here.

As you walk inside Harbourview Park, you will be guided through the Arboretum which was established and maintained by the Collingwood Horticultural Society. The Arboretum encompasses five acres and has been built on a former landfill site. Founded in 1995, the Arboretum is a vital botanical park and over 150 trees have been purchased in remembrance of loved ones or to celebrate special occasions. Each tree has a plaque with both the name of the person honored, as well as the common name of the tree.

Lastly, the Good Food Stroll highlights Collingwood’s cafes, restaurants, and specialty food shops. There is something to satisfy everyone’s taste buds here, from casual to fine dining, croissants to seafood and spaghetti. Stroll down main street and over onto Pine Street to discover some of their incredible choices.

Explore all the beauty, history, and local businesses the Town of Collingwood has to offer using the guided tours on the Discover Collingwood App. The app is available on Android and IOS devices and provides an interactive experience with the town.

-The BDAR Team

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