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The Town of Gravenhurst is the Gateway to Muskoka offering a great location for cottagers or those looking to live a more balanced work and play lifestyle. It has a full-time population of 13,000 people but doubles in size to a seasonal population of cottagers. Gravenhurst provides residents with a sense of belonging and community with friendly faces wherever you go. You will find a variety of housing styles here such as various waterfront properties and bungalows with large lots, and condominiums.

Source Town of Gravenhurst

The town is home to three elementary schools, Gravenhurst Public School, K.P. Manson Public School, and Muskoka Beechgrove Public School, and one high school, Gravenhurst High School.

Although Gravenhurst may seem far away from amenities and recreation activities, life here is always entertaining. There are plenty of cycling and walking trails throughout the town that you can enjoy. The Kahsha Barrens Trail is the most naturally preserved area in Gravenhurst. The trail consists of two different loops The Kadz Loop is hilly and provides a view of Beaver Pond at Lookout Ridge, while Casey Loop offers a view of the stream.

Parks and playgrounds are scattered throughout the town. Gull Lake is a popular park during the summer as there are so many activities to do here. In the summer the town offers swimming lessons here, making it a great experience for kids. There’s a beach for you to lounge on, get your friends together for a game of baseball, volleyball, basketball, or tennis, enjoy a snack at the snack bar or pack your bag for a picnic. In addition to all these fun family activities, there’s also a boat launch here for those who enjoy fishing and boating.

Source Town of Gravenhurst

As mentioned earlier Gravenhurst is all about community and providing a sense of belonging. There are a variety of community events happening weekly, as well as festivals every month. Music and the arts are very popular here in Gravenhurst and you will see it’s always a focal point in many of their festivals. One of their more notable events is “Music on the Barge” which happens every Sunday evening at Gull Lake where local bands and a handful of featured artists will come to perform. This event is always full and is a great way to enjoy all that Gravenhurst offers. The Muskoka Music Festival is another popular event that features over 100 artisans from across the Simcoe Muskoka region. This event happens annually and there’s always plenty of gourmet food and drinks, family activities, as well as live music to enjoy.

Important amenities are just minutes away in downtown Gravenhurst. They have a variety of unique local shops here selling a variety of retail items, clothing, accessories, and gifts. If you’re looking for a great place to eat, grab a quick bite at the Butcher’s Daughter. Enjoy a quick coffee and lunch with a beautiful view of downtown Gravenhurst.

The Town of Gravenhurst is nothing short of a great lifestyle to live. There’s plenty of entertainment here for young and old, and everything you could possibly need is right in town.

-The BDAR Team

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