Indoor Playgrounds For Kids in Barrie

Now that the weather is getting cooler, and we are approaching the winter season it can be harder to get your kids outside to play or get physical activity. Barrie has some great indoor playgrounds that are open for drop-in play as well as parties and day camps.

Funvilla Barrie

Funvilla is a family entertainment centre that has a variety of different kid-friendly activities to choose from. They have a bouncy castle, wall climbing, arcade games, and more. They also have a soft play area for babies and toddlers. Funvilla is also available to host kid’s birthday parties, field trips, and camps.

Source Funvilla Barrie

Smart Moves Play Place

Smart Moves is a STEM-themed indoor play centre. They take pride in providing a centre where kids can learn through play and have designed each playroom uniquely to support the four tenets of innovation, science, technology, engineering, and math. Smart moves is open for drop-in play as well as birthday parties.

Kings and Castles Indoor Playground

Kings and Castles is an indoor playground that has multiple play areas that have different playing structures, climbing walls, and open concept zoned play areas.

Source Kings and Castles


X-Play is a trampoline amusement park located in Park Place that’s great for children and families to enjoy some indoor fun together.

Source X-Play


Kaleidoscope is an indoor play centre where kids can go to create and play. This indoor play centre is packed with developing toys, creative building sets, and fun. Kids can create with LEGO or have fun playing on some of the play structures.

Source Kaleidoscope

There are many places to have fun inside this winter, which one will you try next?

-The BDAR Team

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