Meet Pine Eco and Refillery

Pine Eco and Refillery is your one stop shop for all your eco friendly lifestyles needs. Founded
in May of 2020 this mother and daughter team, Paige and Kendall, took the risk to open up their
small business in Collingwood during the global pandemic and have received endless support
from their community.

Paige began her green journey after making the switch to using beeswax wraps that then opened her eyes to a zero waste lifestyle, while Kendall’s passion for helping the environment arose while working at Blue Mountain. Shortly after graduating from McMaster University, Kendall moved to Collingwood to be closer to her mom and business partner. To experience that level of community and the feeling of small town are just a couple of things that made her want to call Collingwood home and build her business here.

The idea of Pine Eco and Refillery came to light during a conversation about having a one stop
shop eco-friendly store and shortly after, refills were added to expand their business idea. Upon
signing the lease in March 2020 to opening up their business after the start of the pandemic, the team did a lot of groundwork to spread the word about their business and the purpose it serves to their community and the sustainability movement. With no other refillery’s close by like Pine Eco & Refillery they noticed a gap in the industry, but are confident that living a more eco
friendly and sustainable lifestyle will soon be a part of everyone’s life.

Pine Eco and Refillery take pride in providing a selection of all natural products for your home
and body, all at a reasonable price. They believe that a happy, healthy lifestyle starts with taking
care of your body and home. For those who may never have been to a refillery before, you
simply bring in your clean, empty containers or jars and refill them with the products you need.
If you don’t have your own don’t worry, Pine Eco has a selection of different sizes you can
choose as well.

It’s been easy for Pine Eco to get involved in the small business community due to the
tremendous support and the common goal to see one another thrive. Kendall is very thankful for
the support from the local business community and residents, and pays a lot of tribute to the
support local movement that has inspired people to support their local economy and business

If you’re looking to begin your sustainability journey, some products they recommend using are
the beeswax wraps, TruEarth laundry detergent, reusable grocery bags and simple swaps like
shampoo bars or bamboo toothbrushes. All these products work just as well and once you see
how much you’re cutting down on waste you’ll never go back.

Next time you visit the Collingwood area or you simply want to begin a more eco friendly
lifestyle you can find Pine Eco and Refillery at 38 Pine St. in downtown Collingwood. On
Fridays you can receive 10 percent off refills and why not support some other local small
businesses while you’re there like Ben Taco or The Hive.

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