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Port Severn is one of three larger communities that make up the Township of Georgian Bay along with a few smaller hamlets. Its population consists of 657 permanent residents that triple in size during the summer months with cottagers and visitors. Single-family homes make up most of the residential property types here in Port Severn as well as some condominiums.

Being in the heart of cottage country in Muskoka their economy is based on serving visitors and cottagers. Because of their strong tourism industry, the community has attracted many major residential and commercial developments in recent years to serve its seasonal population.

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Access to outdoor recreation activities are abundant in Port Severn making it a great seasonal residential location. The Six Mile Lake Provincial Park is a family park with a scenic landscape and has plenty of fun activities to do here for individuals of all ages. There are a couple of different beach areas for swimming, as well as an area for recreational fishing. Six Mile Lake also presents an ideal location for canoeing as there is much to see and do. For those who enjoy hiking, there are a few different trails within the park of different difficulty levels that guide you throughout the park showcasing beautiful scenery of forestry and pristine lakes.

Another beautiful walking trail outside of the provincial park is the Port Severn walk. This is an easy three-kilometre trail that takes you from Lock 45 on the Trent Severn Waterway along Port Severn Rd. If you prefer cycling, the Big Chute cycling Loop starts and ends in Port Severn taking you through Honey Harbour and the big chute. This trail is beautiful especially during the summer months as it provides views of the big chute waterfalls along the ride.

Other recreational activities available to residents and visitors are soccer and baseball. Residents can use the Baxter Ward Community Centre sports fields at any time for recreational use.

Port Severn is a small community making shopping and dining options limited. For groceries and other services, residents must travel to the nearby community of Honey Harbour or the Town of Midland.

The Lighthouse 45 restaurant located at Rawley Resort is a casual and fine dining restaurant. If you are looking for a more casual dining experience, their waterside patio is perfect to relax and enjoy a delicious meal by the water. If you prefer a finer dining option, their piano bar and lounge is a great place to unwind with friends and enjoy entertainment. All their dishes are made with fresh and local ingredients with a delicious blend of tastes.

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Port Severn is a great location to search for seasonal and cottage properties. There is plenty of recreation activities readily available to residents and visitors all year round making it a great place to escape the hustle and bustle of larger urban centres.

-The BDAR Team

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