Tiny Township Profile: LaFontaine

Tiny Township is a part of the Southern Georgian Bay region and is made up of several smaller hamlets such as LaFontaine, Perkinsfield, Toanche, Wyevale, and Wyebridge. It has a permanent population of almost 12 thousand residents but doubles in size seasonally to almost 20 thousand. The town neighbors five other municipalities such as Midland, Penetanguishene, Tay, Springwater, and Wasaga Beach. As you drive through the town you will notice that single detached homes are the common property type however, it is a popular destination for cottagers because of its beach-filled shoreline along Nottawasaga Bay and mix of outdoors adventures.

The small hamlet of LaFontaine is a predominantly French community that rests along the Georgian Bay shoreline. It adds its francophone flair to the township with its music and cultural events and is most well-known for its Festival Du Loup which takes place annually each summer. The festival is used to promote the French language and culture, as well as the passing down of history from generation to generation.

It’s important to note that since it is a predominantly French community, schools local to this area are sanctioned by the French public and catholic school boards. Ecole Elementaire Catholique Sainte-Croix is the sole local elementary school to the community. For those looking for a public-school option, elementary students would attend Ecole Publique Saint-Joseph and high school students would attend Ecole Secondaire Le Caron both of which are in nearby township Penetanguishene. Lastly, Cle D’la Baie-St. Croix is an early childcare facility located in the heart of the community that provides day care for pre-school-aged children.

LaFontaine has plenty of recreational opportunities to enjoy such as beaches and parks. LaFontaine Beach is popular during the summer for swimming, fishing, and hiking. It’s a waterfront park with a beach and picnic tables that provide the perfect spot to spend the day outside during the summer.

Just down the street from the beach is LaFontaine Park. This park has a large-sized playground, along with a baseball diamond, soccer field, and basketball court providing a variety of activities for kids and adults to enjoy. A unique feature of this park is the horseshoe pits which is a popular activity amongst adults. During the winter season, an outdoor rink is made here by the township for the neighborhood’s enjoyment.

Residents are forced to travel to either Midland or Penetanguishene to do their groceries and other shopping as the township is only equipped with local stores that carry a small number of items. Inside the community, LaFontaine Supermarket is a small grocery store located just up the street from LaFontaine Beach that carries small grocery items. A second local business that’s popular amongst residents and visitors is the Tiny Treats European Deli which is a European deli and convenience store. They’re most well known for their selection of meats and cheeses, as well as their daily baked pastries.

While the community of LaFontaine is small it is perfect for residents who are looking for a quiet place to settle down, enjoy a weekend to get away from the city, or retire.

-The BDAR Team

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